I like to rescue clothing by making it more beautiful than it was before. I often explore second-hand shops for clothes and when I find something that has a boring design, I whisk it away to my studio to be redesigned and enhanced.

When I work on apparel, I treat each garment to its own unique beautification project.  I recently revamped the hem and sleeves of a dull, outdated coat to transform it to a luxurious vestment.  I once found a permanent stain on my own white dress so I covered it in a wraparound floral pattern salvaging it and improving it at the same time.

My most gratifying, albeit labor-intensive, technique right now is to cover uninteresting clothing with my elaborate embroidery. I have been passionate about embroidery for years and love that this delicate and complicated art is receiving so much attention at the moment. Each individual embroidery project receives an incredible amount of time and attention to detail to make it look stunning

As an artist, I dedicate my energy and skillfulness to craft singular works of art for people to wear. If you would like a customized embroidery piece to call your own, please contact me.